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Miss Kay Russell

Willow Class


In Twiglets and Willow class, Miss. Kay Russell is the class teacher and is supported by our early years teacher Mr Matt Burchell. Our foundation stage class is a fully integrated mix of pre-school and reception aged children. This means that the children can move freely between our exceptionally well-resourced areas, creative, construction, maths, writing areas, snack table and outdoor play area making choices and learning to regulate their responses and behaviour. We provide a safe, secure and supervised classroom supported by a friendly team of qualified and experienced early years educators. Our classroom enables children and parents to transfer from early years pre-school provision into our reception year seamlessly. Children are encouraged to take part in groups, explore ideas, and explain their thinking while developing increasing levels of confidence and independence.

Download the EYFS Transition booklet

This term our topic is 'Why Do Ladybirds Have Spots?'

This term in Willow class we will be learning about minibeasts' habitats, features and colours and we will be comparing them. Throughout this topic the children will become investigators with magnifying glasses in their hands to look under logs, in the gaps in our own bug homes and in piles of leaves. This lovely topic is perfect for the transition into spring and the changes that come with it and I'm sure that the children will love writing from the perspective of a spider and counting the spots on a ladybird.

Home Learning

The children are still having books sent home that match the phonics that we are learning in class, in addition to this, activities and books are being set on the Bug Club. Reading each night with your child is so beneficial and will really help them to make progress in their knowledge of phonics and blending.
Remote Learning
Please see the information below for information on accessing Google Classroom if you require it.
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