FORT  Federation

 "Living, loving and learning forever: 
 becoming the best as we journey together"




Our Curriculum Statement--click to see full document

Our curriculum intent begins with the national curriculum objectives that provide a secure foundation for our curriculum. The FORT curriculum content is ever-changing, evolving with and appropriate to the individual cohorts of children throughout our schools.
The knowledge and skills taught have been carefully woven and interconnected in relation to a series of learning units/themes which are related to our locality/environment, key figures, our aspirations and understanding of the wider world and cultures. We use Cornerstones as a starting point for which we build bespoke units of work. These topics blend and allow conceptual links to be built across the curriculum while always celebrating our individual subjects.

 Our topics are underwritten by carefully chosen and high-quality texts; reading is given a high status in our curriculum. As our children’s knowledge and skills grow, so our curriculum develops. We carefully build our themes lessons to teach and interconnect knowledge and skills across the discrete subjects of Art, Geography, History and Design Technology. This holistic approach aims to provide technically, academically, morally, emotionally and socially wise, yet curious, children who are ready to develop their future selves. 

Learning is more than the acquisition of knowledge and skills but is about our experiences together which produce a sense of spirit and a passion for life itself. Our approach to both ‘enrichment’ and high-quality teaching of specific curriculum subjects with the subject specialist teachers ensure that children maximise their learning challenges and opportunities. 

Our core values are the foundation to all we do in the FORT federation. We also place great importance on the learning behaviours which are explicitly encouraged within our schools. They are essential to each child’s journey towards personal, cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical development and fulfilment within the FORT community. 

We aim to develop: 
COURAGE: to demonstrate emotional stamina and vigour, passion, or inner drive to achieve. To show courageous advocacy. 
CURIOSITY: To be curious about everything- to take risks and try something new often. 
Show COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and ENDURANCE in what we do – things in life are hard; we teach our children to power through. 
WISDOM: to be able to think and act using your knowledge, experience, compassion alongside good judgement. 
RESILIENCE: to build you own personal resilience - we fail in life and make mistakes, but we can resolve these, dust ourselves off and start again. 
HAPPINESS we find happiness in the smallest of places, remembering there is always hope … the FORT Federation is a happy place to be!