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Term Dates 2020/21

Autumn term:
Thursday 3rd – Friday 4th September 2020     - Non pupil days 7th September 202  - First day of term for pupils
26th October – 30th October 2020 - Half term
2nd November 2020     - Non pupil day
18th December 2020        - Last day of term for pupils 
Spring term:

Monday 4th January 2021     - Non pupil day Tuesday 5th January 2021                 First day of term for pupils
15th – 19th February 2021          Half Term Thursday
1st April 2021
- Last day of term for pupils 
summer term:
Monday 19th April 2021    - First day of term for pupils
Monday 3rd May 2021   - Bank Holiday
31st May to 4th June 2021           - Half term
Monday 7th June 2021             - Non pupil day
Friday 23rd July 2021
              - Last day of term for pupils 

Term Dates 2021/22
Autumn term:
Monday 6th September 2021        - Non pupil day
Tuesday 7th September 2021         - First day of term for pupils Friday 8th October 2021                             - Non pupil day
25th October – 29th October 2021        Half term
Friday  17th December 2021                 - Last day of term for pupils Spring term:
Monday 3rd January 2022            - Bank Holiday
Tuesday 4th January 2022
           - First day of term for pupils
21st – 25th February 2022            - Half Term
Friday 8th April 2022
                      - Last day of term for pupils Summer term:
Monday 25th April 2022              - First day of term for pupils
Monday 2nd May 2022                - Bank Holiday
30th May to 3rd June 2022           - Half term
Monday 6th June 2022                   - Non pupil day
Friday 22nd July 2022
                     - Last day of term for pupils 

School Uniform

School Uniform
Our children wear a smart school uniform which shows them that they belong and gives them a sense of pride in their school. In turn, we are proud of their smart turn-out which often draws comment when we go on school trips. See Uniform here   
Winter uniform 
White shirt, school tie, red v-necked jumper or cardigan with school crest, grey trousers or shorts (grey skirt or pinafore for girls if preferred), white or grey socks. Girls may wear grey or red tights with skirts/pinafores. Sensible black shoes (not trainers). Coats, hats and other cold weather gear worn into school can be hung in the cloakrooms during the day. 
Summer uniform 
Boys: White polo shirt, red school jumper if cool, grey shorts or trousers, grey socks, sensible black shoes (not trainers) Girls: Red/white gingham dress (various designs are available), red school jumper/cardigan if cool, white socks, sensible black shoes. In hot weather a hat would be sensible for play time. 'Summer' and 'Winter' are not intended to be prescriptive: children often wear winter uniform in cool weather at the beginning of the summer term and summer uniform if the weather is warm in September.

PE Kit 
Red polo shirt, black shorts and trainers. Dark track suit/jogging bottoms and red school hoodies if cool. Children will need a drawstring bag to carry their PE kit. These can be obtained from most supermarkets and sports retailers. School jumpers and cardigans, with an embroidered crest, can be ordered on-line from Tesco, as can hoodies book bags and rucksacks. Other items of uniform are sold by a number of different retailers (e.g. Marks & Spencer, supermarkets etc.)